Project Description

I don’t really know what kind of artist I am, as I keep moving from one medium to another!   I lean towards ‘Intuitive’ I think. My main painting medium is acrylic, on canvas or cradled wood, abstracts and other styles, with the odd foray into something different now and again. I like to try anything new which comes along, such as acrylic ‘pouring’, which is fun! I also like Alcohol Ink on glass or ceramic tiles, and resin pouring as a finish, or a sculpture. I am seriously considering trying my hand at watercolour as well.

I do ‘crafting’ too, mainly pendants and other things such as keychains, using all parts of my painting and resin work to embellish them. I love digital art for the variety and freedom it gives me, and photography. I have had little or no training in any of my endeavours, being mostly self-taught, and I have loved every aspect of art’ ever since I was a small child. I will never stop experimenting.