Project Description

Pat Hildebrandt

What inspires me: Nature, vivid color, rythmn realism or thought provoking semi abstract.

I want to share what I find joy in with others. I think this desire probably originates in my deeply spiritual side.

My muse?..anything that excites me..varied and open to a point..I tend mostly toward realism but occassionaly semi abstract with striking colors or black and white with touches of color like red. Those types of paintings seem to have become my signature.

My interest in art began early in life but I had no time to persue due to a variety of challenges including the long term illnesses and eventual death of my husband and two adult children. So you might call me a late bloomer!

Bob Ross was an inspiration to me a few  years ago and how I finally got the courage to start experimenting, first in oil then watercolor and now acrylics.