Project Description

Hussein Rostum

My goal as an artist is to create imaginary metaphors and to generate fanciful expressions in colour. To me, a fancy is an image formed in my mind before I try to put it on canvas. Often what ends up on canvas is more or less than what I had originally perceived. My fancies are coloured abstract shapes and forms, with balance and depth, in motion or still, with structure or in chaos, contrasting or in harmony. I try to use compelling colour blends to express my fancies. Save for some exceptions, I don’t want to recreate reality on canvas. I try to follow Picasso’s motto: “learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” I am dedicating the latter part of my life to breaking some of the rules.

Quite simply, my pleasure is to put abstract images on canvas that have some meaning, with vivid acrylic colour combinations. I hope anyone who looks at my paintings will share my joy as an artist and like them, if only for a moment.

Please visit my virtual art gallery at to see more of my  work, or contact me by email at