Project Description

Gina Quinn, Canadian artist, born in Vancouver, BC

I am a product of time with dreams of travel, of hope, plans of creativity within me, significance
of time which finds time to own me. What is time for some; wasted, valued, creative, late nights
early mornings, wonderful time past or present.

The progress of creating motionless pieces, the challenge to see a use beyond its original use has
captured my interest in a usual art form.

This art started as a hobby of assembling clock parts into jewellery pins, (wearable art) fashioned after the working steam clock in gas town, Vancouver.
The interest of creating composition to reflect rhythm, space and places resulted in larger work
using 16 X 20 canvas to mount the metal pieces from old clocks took on new interest for creativity.

What shall I do with so many non-working units of periodontal structures of beauty and grace.
People have often commented on what I have worn, what will they think of these new compositions.