Project Description

After working with oils and cold wax medium for several years, I wanted to use my oil sticks, graphite, and mark making tools in my landscapes. I began to work on wood panels which give a hard surface to carve into or draw on.

Emotional content oozes into the paint. Surfaces are very activated. It’s been a challenge to get this same feeling on canvas, because there is less push back without a hard surface and requires a slightly different approach. I incorporate and finish these oil paintings with the cold wax medium; providing a mat, tactile, and contemporary feeling to the work.

Two of these paintings are from my Living Forest Series, engaging the viewer in west coast imagery. They are more about my spiritual response to the trees and how they have endured challenges of unrelenting wind and rain, or their joyful dance in the warm sun.

I also enjoy employing abstract imagery to convey my emotional connection with subjects.