Members Art Submission

Please read the guidelines below if you wish to submit work for the CVAA Member’s Exhibit (for paid membership-members only).

Show dates: July 10, 2024 – Aug 10, 2024 There is no theme for this show.

WHEN TO BRING YOUR WORK (that fits the theme; Anything goes)
July 9 at 10:00 am (not before 10 am please).
a. Make sure your work can be hung according to the ‘Hanging Requirements’. Hanging Requirements (you might need to click on ‘enable’ when opening the document)
b. Please bring your agenda on the day that you bring your work to the gallery, February, so you can pick dates for 1 or 2 gallery-sitting shifts.
c. Please spread the word amongst family, friends, your social media and invite them to the show & opening!

–Maximum of 3 main works for the gallery wall/floor. When labelling your work number them 1,2 and 3. Number 3 would be the one that might not be in the exhibit when there are too many pieces submitted.
-Maximum of 3 pieces for the Pay and Take, each piece less than 12″ x 12″ (this includes the frame). Please number these works as well: 1, 2 and 3.
-Cards (as many as you like)

IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO DELIVER YOUR WORK IN PERSON, you must make arrangements that someone else brings your work before 10 am. The box office will not be accepting work.

You will receive an email in the last week of June with a request to submit your work using a form. In that email you click on a link and it will give you a simple form to fill out. If you have not received an email (check your spam box) simply contact Annet Holierhoek at 604-701-7793. You will not need to fill out a paper submission form. The form needs to be returned before July 4th, 8 pm. No late submissions, as all labels will be printed in one batch.

August 12 at 9:45 am.
If you sold work, please make arrangements with your buyer to have the work picked up at that time (or make other arrangements). Your work can not stay in the gallery.

1. Check at the check-in table in the gallery to check if your works are on the list. A member will check your work if it is suitable for hanging (re hardware)
2. Go to the calendar and sign up for a gallery sitting shift during the show.
3. After submitting your work, please leave the gallery unless you are helping hang the show.

The jurying committee will then look at all the work with the following criteria guiding them:
– Is the work ready to hang regarding the hardware and the frame?
– Your work has not hung in the O’Connor Gallery 2 years prior to this show unless it has been reworked significantly.

Depending on the number and size of works submitted, the jury will decide how to best represent the theme of the show as a comprehensive exhibit. Thus, not all works submitted are guaranteed to be displayed. However, every attempt will be made to have all members who submit work represented.
If a work is not included in the exhibit, the member will be contacted to collect their work.

Any questions after reading this, call Annet 604-701-7793 (evening hours).