Members Art Submission

Please read the guidelines below if you wish to submit work for the CVAA Member’s Exhibit (for paid membership-members only).

Our NEXT members show is: Aug 26 – Sept  2023  The theme of the show is: TRANSFORMATION.
Bring your work that fits the theme to the Gallery on  FRIDAY, August 25 2023 at  10:00 am. Please do not come earlier as we like to set up all “stations” properly before accepting your work.
Pick up your work (and meet the buyer of your work when your work has been sold)  Sept 25 at 9:45 am

Your work can be:
-Maximum of 3 main works for the gallery wall/floor
-Maximum of 3 pieces for the Pay and Take, each piece less than 12″

1. You will receive an email on August 1st to submit your work using a form that you’ll fill out on your computer. It is a very easy-to-fill-out form.  If you have not received an email by August 2nd (check your spam box) simply contact Annet Holierhoek at 604 – 701 – 7793. You do NOT need to fill out a paper submission form. 
With this form you are submitting your work, this includes your 1 to 3 ‘main’ works, optional Pay & Take work, and Cards.
The form needs to be returned by August 18. NO late submissions, as all labels will be printed in one batch on Saturday the 19th.
When you missed the August 18th deadline, please don’t send emails but go to the gallery and pick up labels+instructions to print your own. You will also need to create your own list for the box office and gallery. How-to and what can be found at the gallery. There will be a notice on the desk.
If you need help filling out your form, come to the Gallery with all relevant information on either Aug 11 between 12 and 2:30 or Aug 16 between 2:30 and 5 pm and fellow members will help you fill it out.

2. Ensure your work can be hung according to the ‘Hanging Requirements’.   Hanging Requirements (you might need to click on ‘enable’ when opening)

3. Please bring your agenda on the day that you bring your work to the gallery, August 25th, so you can pick dates for 2 gallery-sitting shifts.

When you submit you agree to the agreement that can be found at the bottom of this page.
:  Check at the check-in table in the gallery to check if your works are on the list. A member will check your work if it is suitable for hanging.
SECOND: Go to the calendar and sign up to sit a few times during the dates of the show.
THIRD: After submitting your work, please leave the gallery unless you are on the hanging committee.

The jurying committee will then look at all the work with the following criteria guiding them:
– Is the work ready to hang regarding the hardware and the frame?
– The work has not been shown in the O’Connor Gallery for 2 years unless it has been reworked significantly.
– Does the work relate to the theme of the show? If in doubt, read the artist’s statement regarding their work.

Depending on the number and size of works submitted, the jury will decide how to best represent the theme of the show as a comprehensive exhibit. Thus, not all works submitted are guaranteed to be displayed. However, every attempt will be made to have all members who submit work represented.
If a work is not included in the exhibit, the member will be contacted to collect their work.

IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO DELIVER YOUR WORK IN PERSON, you must make arrangements that someone else brings your work before 10 am.  The box office will not be accepting work.

When you submit you agree to the following:
1. All submitted artwork will be juried. The Selection Committee’s decision is final.
2. There is no Fee per exhibiting member (waived for this show), payable when submitting the work to the jury.
3. All sales are handled through the Cultural Centre box office which will pass on to the members the sale price less a 20% commission.
3. The artist is responsible for remitting any sales taxes that may be applicable.
4. The Art Committee will only display accepted and ready-to-be hung artwork, preference will be given to pieces that adhere to the theme, and will have full discretion as to its placement. All work must be ready to hang, including finished edges.
5. Insurance is the full responsibility of the artist.  Utmost care will be taken but, be aware that the Venue Owners/Managers and/or the Chilliwack Visual Artists Association assume no responsibility for loss or damage.
6. All work must be the artist’s own creation. Giclee prints are allowed. Plagiarized art is not accepted. Artwork must adhere to the show-Theme.
7. Up to three pieces may be submitted (unless otherwise indicated), of which two must be for sale. If a single piece is submitted, it must be for sale. All work submitted must be NEW to the Gallery.
8. An artist’s statement with text of fewer than 50 words, to describe the rationale behind the work and what inspired it is encouraged. If you have any special hanging requirements, please let the jurying committee know.
9. A member whose work is accepted is expected to gallery sit at least once during the exhibition.