Project Description

Jeanette Heathman

I was born in Edmonton, Alberta November 18th, 1946 and grew up on a small farm with my three brothers and two sisters. We enjoyed a quiet life where our playground was nature and helping my parents tend to the animals and the fields at planting and harvest. I attended the same grade school for 13 years in Kinuso, Alberta and after graduation, began my nurses training in Edmonton, Alberta. I married my grade 12 sweetheart after I graduated from nursing in 1968 and began a 36 year nursing career. We had two boys, who are now adults with their own families. (four grandchildren). After retiring, art naturally became a hobby, as I have always had a desire to paint. I began collecting photos and formulating ideas for paintings. I had no formal training for this, but with lots of time available, by triaI and error, I began by copying nature and learning how to mix color. I watched several T.V. art programs for ideas and methods which helped a lot. Today, I am still passionate about painting and hope to continue improving for as long as I live.


Since I got my first box of paint in grade school, I have wanted to paint so it was no surprise to my husband or myself that once I retired from Nursing, I would pursue my passion to paint pictures. By age 45 I had the time, our boys were grown, I had a space to set up my painting supplies, so I began in earnest.

I can’t help but be in awe of all the various animals I see in our world and I am amazed by the natural growing plants and the beautiful places we can visit even here in Chilliwack. This has always been my inspiration.  Who of us could have imagined or created such beauty, but our God? It’s like I need to duplicate this beauty and to save it for the next generations. Does that sound a little crazy? Well they say all “Artists” are somewhat weird!

I tried oil paints, then watercolors and even took a set of five lessons in watercolor, but once I tried acrylic paint I began to improve. Wow! Over the past 25 years I have painted many paintings, some done poorly and others better. My desire is to copy nature as realistically as possible, especially animals, but to take liberties to exaggerate light and color. Nature is awesome to me and I wish to honor it’s creator. I hope this message comes across in the images I make.