Project Description

Mary Stanley

I have seen some form of art from a very young age…in school there was drawing, watercolors,dancing and there were plays. In later years, with my husband, we collected semiprecious stones, then cut and polished beautiful cabochons. We were called rockhounds.  We also scoured the beaches for twisted driftwood, sanding and polishing the found pieces into sculptures. Today, I use my photos in my artwork. I have taken courses in drawing and lessons using oils.

While we were in Arizona I learned the art of basket weaving. Many of my baskets have a southwest or northwest theme…whales, deer, bear and geometric patterns, often echoing patterns of petroglyphs. I use local and Ponderosa pine needles and sometimes work in maidenhair fern or sweet grass, and embellish with things found in nature, like porcupine quills, driftwood, and semi-precious stones. I bind the pine needles together with natural raffia. It is a slow process, and no two are alike.

I feel I am mainly self taught, and I am proud to be a member of the CVAA.